Welcome to Enviro Green Supplies

At Enviro Green Supplies first and foremost our ethos is of environmental protection and appreciation. We want to think about the future for all generations and work towards greatly lessening our carbon foot print. We know Rome was not built in a day, and neither will global warming be eliminated as quickly, but every conscious decision we make can help improve environmental welfare if we just try to make changes in our day to day lives. As so we want to be able to provide our customers with the certainty that the products, they are buying are 100% compostable and eco-friendly. Therefore, we are delighted to supply a wonderful range of forward-thinking products such as eco-friendly catering supplies.

All the products will be supplied from a global specialist in plant based compostable foodservice packaging, a visionary brand called Vegware. All the products are fully commercially compostable. They have been manufacturing the worlds best eco products since 2006. It is increasingly important to take care of the world around us and treat it with the kindness and care that it so badly needs. With Vegware it has shown that a huge difference can be made through less wastage via their disposable packaging. It greatly helps do its part to help save our environment. The catering supplies include a variety of hot drink cups, soup pots, cold cups, takeaway boxes, as well as cutlery and napkins.

The reason it can be difficult to recycle is due to the different mixture of materials and food residue. Therefore, Vegware have innovatively created all types of renewable and recyclable products that are made from plants and not plastic. Which means it can be recycled with food waste where facilities exist, which then breaks down in less than 12 weeks in industrial composting. Renewable retuning nutrients to the soil, not only is it made from recyclable and renewable materials the Vegware packaging is extremely strong and stylish to look at. With custom printing available across the whole range. This will make your food set apart from the crowd and engage people to choose your packaging.

Often people wonder how they ‘can do their bit’ to help their surroundings and this is the ideal method for people to help reduce waste and use more eco-friendly and renewable supplies to help take care of our environment. It really can be the smallest changes that can help positively impact our surrounding area. If every person begins to consciously choose to use and buy materials that are recyclable and renewable, then positive results to our environments will be seen. By choosing to Enviro Green Supplies you are choosing to support our world. Help join the movement to support and protect our planet.