sustainable packaging – about our materials

We believe in using renewable resources for sustainable packaging and limiting our negative impact on the environment. All whilst keeping our products looking, feeling and tasting good. All materials are customisable and stylish in addition to being natural and zero waste.

By making the change to sustainable packaging rather than plastic, not only can you reduce your environmental impact regarding waste, you can also reduce your carbon footprint. Our products take less Co2 to produce than regular plastic which is great news for anyone looking to be greener.

Our attention to detail means that almost all aspects of our production and merchandise are as low impact as possible. This means you can depend on us to give you the top quality products that are ethical and sustainable. We all know how important it is to consider our impact on the earth and by switching to our products, you can do just that with as little fuss as possible.

below are the materials used in our products:


Sustainably sourced, recycled paper and card


PLA is a clear bio plastic which is a certified compostable alternative to oil based plastics. If you’re looking for an alternative to transparent plastics, this is ideal and uses 74% less carbon than traditional plastic. If you’re looking for an alternative to oil based plastics suitable for heat, CPLA and RCPLA is the perfect product for you.

Bagasse is reclaimed sugar cane. Not only is it sturdy and practical, but it also inspires less condensation than polystyrene making it a great alternative for food, ensuring it stays crispy.

Palm leaf
Palm leaf is made from naturally fallen Areca leaves which have been pressed. Palm leaf can be put into any shape you like making it ideal for a range of products.

Our inks are vegetable or water based which means any packaging with inks on are still compostable while having a great look and print finish.

Natureflex is a clear film made from wood pulp that is anti grease as well as being heat sealable. It’s a great alternative to plastics if you need a clear window into your product.

Our dedication to more eco friendly alternatives doesn’t mean we scrimp on quality. Our products are professional grade, completely food safe as well as looking great. We believe that you don’t need to choose between a product looking good and doing good and our products are a testament to that philosophy.

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